It is Time to Surrender – 3 Proven Psychological Steps to Help you Surrender

Are you attached to a desire or goal and finding it hard to surrender to the process?

Does your passion/desire for your goal stress you out?

Are you worried that you might not achieve your goal?

Well, maybe it is time to surrender. And to do so, I have recorded this VIDEO with 3 proven psychological tools to help you detach from your goal, and instead focus on the goals as you also enjoy every moment of the process.

I know this will help.

Link to video –

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Love and light.

Dr. Jacinta Mpalyenkana, PH.D., MBA

Author, Spiritual Counselor, Corporate Trainer, Speaker




You Have a Choice.

making choices4

The human spirit has been blessed with many gifts and treasures, and one of the things that stand out for me, is that we have the opportunity to make the right choices. Having a choice is a huge deal because it gives us the chance to evaluate the available options and then follow a route that is most congruent with our desires.

making choices

My questions are these: what choices are you making? Are they empowering or disempowering you? How do you make your choices? Do you make your choices based on self-limiting beliefs or on the truth that we live in an abundant world?

For the next couple of days I challenge you to examine how you make the choices you do from the time you wake up, to when you go to bed. Also, endeavor to understand what drives your actions.

making choices2

In my coaching program, “Tapping into your Infinite Good,” I take my clients through an intensive self-discovery and self-mastery program that empowers them to make the right choices, and then live life on their terms.


Love and light.

Dr. Jacinta Mariah