12 Tips to Cleanse and Raise Your Bedroom’s Vibration to Attract Goodness


Do you know that you can use your sleeping space to raise your vibration?
In this recording, I share 12 tips that can help you energetically cleanse your bedroom and raise the space’s vibration to attract more goodness.
Note that you’ve got to be consistent with these tools. These are tools you’ve got to apply everyday.
I believe you will benefit from the tips in the recording.
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Holiday Gifts from me to you with LOVE

Dear friends,

I just put up my Christmas tree so you KNOW it’s time for me to give out some gifts! In here I’m posting a link to free books and a recorded Healing Video session for you. Please get them while they’re hot! These gifts are FREE for the first 1000 people.

This is my way of thanking you and all my friends and subscribers for your incredible support this year.

I love you all and appreciate you so much. Without you, I would never learn so much, my work would feel hollow, and my message would never reach and affect so many. So thank you!

I have posted the following for you.

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I’m so grateful for this community, and I respect all the struggles and successes you’ve shared with me this year.

Wishing you joy and abundance in all you do in 2014!

Happy holidays! With love and appreciation,

– Jacinta Mariah

Author of Do not Force It, Tap The Good; Love, Men and Money: how to attract and Retain them; and Becoming a SEX CEO at a Spiritual Level– currently being published.

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Attract Love From Your Inside:

Just this year, I have read over 60 books about the law of attraction. One thing that all the different spiritual leaders, teachers and students emphasize in their writings is that we attract who we are; what we think about all the time; including our emotional vibrations.

In the beginning of my spirituality quest, I didn’t understand this concept. I always blamed everyone else for my disturbing relationships. I blamed the men I attracted. I blamed my parents, my family…everyone was responsible for my pain except me.

With time, this got pretty emotionally draining, and actually boring. Because-guess what? Everyone I blamed was so busy living their lives, and none of them practically felt my pain. I then discovered that everything is really about me. It was me feeling the pain. I was the one who had been abused. It was therefore my responsibility to heal and elevate myself again. No one would do that for me even if they wanted to.
I also discovered that since everything we want to manifest has to originate from our inside, either consciously or unconsciously, it was time to do the work.

I’m therefore here to encourage you that regardless of how bad you think it is for you, or how long you’ve been single, as long as you can elicit loving feelings within yourself…for yourself, you are investing in the vibration of love.

Begin today by identifying those feelings that you hope to encounter when you attract your soul mate.
How will you feel?

What would you expect from the relationship?
How would you like your lover to prove his love for you?
What are some of things that you will do with your lover?
Make a list of all the emotions and feelings, including the experiences that you would like to encounter when you attract love.

Then, get involved in those things that make you feel loved, adored and respected. It is simple. Love yourself. Feel the love. Buy yourself flowers once a week. Take yourself out. Treat yourself to a weekend at the spa. Go out in nature. Focus on feeling love for yourself and others. Focus on feeling good…very good. Maintain positive thoughts. Before you know it, admirers will be buzzing around you like bees on honey.

I’ve included a brief EFT powerful healing session (access it by clicking on this link – http://youtu.be/_5oXLmHVBGk) to help you extract yourself from all those negative love-related convictions, and then re-affirm the love lying within you-awaiting to be tapped into.

Check out the 14 Days Love Liberation Boot Camp– a revolutionary program that will help you heal from the roots.

Grab copies of my two humorous, healing and inspirational books:
– Do Not Force It, Tap The Good
– Love, Men and Money; How to Attract and Retain Them.
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Spend the rest of the day breathing in God’s Love and light, and breathing out all the negativity. It works.
Love and light.