Beyond These Words: A Poem for my mother on Mothers’ Day.


Mama, you are the courage I hold for keeps

You are the smile brought to mine on time

You are the wings to fly beyond

You are the abundant source of my drive


Your wisdom is deepest beyond compare

Your love is stronger than all the strength

Your love it touches the core of my soul

Your love it soothes my very life-force

Your love is the fuel for my tired days

Your love is the source of the love I give.

Your passion deeper than the deepest seas

Your endurance present regardless of times

The support thy giveth compares to none

When I say I love you, it’s beyond these words.



Happy Mothers’ day Mama.


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Jacinta Mariah

Has harming yourself begun feeling like a viable option?

I’m glad that I got your attention. Well…you’ve not stumbled on this article by mistake dear. Odds are that you’ve probably evaluated several means through which you can painlessly harm yourself as the only option to escape love-related emotional pain; or maybe not. Maybe it was in the past…a long long long time ago. Did you read a related story from a newspaper that’s no longer in print?  NO, I get it. You know someone who knows someone who is searching for the best solutions on the market to harm themselves because they don’t have the strength to get out of their love-slaughtering relationships. At least I have been there. And it wasn’t pretty.

Please note that your current paradigm doesn’t really matter. What matters is the fact that everyone I know who has been in love, me inclusive, has once felt like burying themselves alive as the best and only option out of a bad relationship; let alone the most viable solution for a heart break.

Conditional love, which isn’t true love anyway, can turn into something else—I tell you. If you are in love, have been in love, or longs to be in love, please establish standards below which you won’t settle, before, during and after any relationship. With standards profoundly ingrained in your mental and emotional banks, you will never feel like harming yourself when the going gets tough. You will always remember who you truly are. A divine unique individual, created in the perfect image of God who is important in this world. You will remember to love yourself even when loneliness strikes. You won’t settle for less than true unconditional love.

I know people who are currently stuck in relationships for purely strategic, or fear based reasons; such as convenience, the fear of being alone, financial gifts, societal expectations, the “I’m-getting-old-so –it-is-hard-for-me-to-attract-a-new-lover” syndrome. If one stays in such an energy vampiring relationship for a while, they will soon feel like death could offer more emotional benefits. This is true especially in abusive relationships where one of the parties is, and/or has suffered a tremendous amount of emotional, mental and physical torture. With that in mind, self-love becomes a struggle. One stays in the relationship for reasons external to their true heart-felt desires.  One way out of this mind battle is to repeatedly tell yourself how much you love you. “I love me” you can state for as many times as you can daily.

Another suggestion is to employ the four magical Ho’oponopono subconscious cleansing statements namely; I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you; and I thank you.  If you want to find out more about how ho’oponopono works, please check out www.ho’

Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian healing ancient technique that can HEAL your life. I’m an Advanced Ho’oponopono Practitioner, and I can attest to the fact that it HEALED my life.  For this, I’m very grateful.  Contact me at or for a free consultation if you are ready to transform your life.

Meanwhile, my questions for you today are; are you in a happy relationship? If not, what the hell are you still doing in there????.

Attract Love From Your Inside:

Just this year, I have read over 60 books about the law of attraction. One thing that all the different spiritual leaders, teachers and students emphasize in their writings is that we attract who we are; what we think about all the time; including our emotional vibrations.

In the beginning of my spirituality quest, I didn’t understand this concept. I always blamed everyone else for my disturbing relationships. I blamed the men I attracted. I blamed my parents, my family…everyone was responsible for my pain except me.

With time, this got pretty emotionally draining, and actually boring. Because-guess what? Everyone I blamed was so busy living their lives, and none of them practically felt my pain. I then discovered that everything is really about me. It was me feeling the pain. I was the one who had been abused. It was therefore my responsibility to heal and elevate myself again. No one would do that for me even if they wanted to.
I also discovered that since everything we want to manifest has to originate from our inside, either consciously or unconsciously, it was time to do the work.

I’m therefore here to encourage you that regardless of how bad you think it is for you, or how long you’ve been single, as long as you can elicit loving feelings within yourself…for yourself, you are investing in the vibration of love.

Begin today by identifying those feelings that you hope to encounter when you attract your soul mate.
How will you feel?

What would you expect from the relationship?
How would you like your lover to prove his love for you?
What are some of things that you will do with your lover?
Make a list of all the emotions and feelings, including the experiences that you would like to encounter when you attract love.

Then, get involved in those things that make you feel loved, adored and respected. It is simple. Love yourself. Feel the love. Buy yourself flowers once a week. Take yourself out. Treat yourself to a weekend at the spa. Go out in nature. Focus on feeling love for yourself and others. Focus on feeling good…very good. Maintain positive thoughts. Before you know it, admirers will be buzzing around you like bees on honey.

I’ve included a brief EFT powerful healing session (access it by clicking on this link – to help you extract yourself from all those negative love-related convictions, and then re-affirm the love lying within you-awaiting to be tapped into.

Check out the 14 Days Love Liberation Boot Camp– a revolutionary program that will help you heal from the roots.

Grab copies of my two humorous, healing and inspirational books:
– Do Not Force It, Tap The Good
– Love, Men and Money; How to Attract and Retain Them.
Find out more from

Spend the rest of the day breathing in God’s Love and light, and breathing out all the negativity. It works.
Love and light.

Knock Out The Abuse

Abuse is defined as mistreatment, misuse, cruelty, ill-treatment, violence; anything else along those lines.

If you have ever been abused, whether psychologically, physically, mentally, sexually or emotionally, you will concur with me that it’s nothing close to a pleasant-English cup of tea. Abuse when directly mapped onto energy, is a field that moves away from the equilibrium point of stability.  It is the exact opposite of harmony, joy, happiness and a peace of mind.  Undoubtedly, it is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

I am a past-victim of domestic, physical, psychological and emotional abuse. And I wonna tell you right now that it takes more than wishful thinking to forgive that part of you that hesitantly holds onto the related feelings. It involves forgiveness of the self and those involved. It implies digging deep and doing the mental and emotional work to erase the related memories-less of which it secretly logs in the faculty of your unconscious mind, only to continue manifesting related experiences in your life.

In this article, I have included a brief video, where I recorded an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) session-dealing with abuse. Please feel free to do the exercise as many times as you wish. You are the driver of your life. You have the responsibility to take control of it-less of which life will play you like an amateur in your own game.

Enjoy the session and please let me know how you feel after doing the exercise for a couple of days-and feel free to forward it to all your friends who may need it.

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The Cons of Daddy-issues

The normal and decent way of living, is for kids to have both parents, not only nurturing, available and loving, but also openly embracing the same attributes for themselves.  As kids we tend to soak in all experiences, since at that stage we don’t have the audacity to choose what is good for our mental banks and what isn’t.

Unfortunately, these memories comfortably lodge into our unconscious minds, only to create our future experiences.

If your father was abusive, violent or walked out on you and your mom, and you happen to have witnessed it all, your unconscious mind might have held onto these experiences as reality. That’s why you may be attracting the same type of men repetitively…with attributes very similar to your father’s.

Undoubtedly, there is a part of you that misses him, longs for him and/or blames him. There are also so many other emotions that may develop as a result of such experiences. Some people feel angry, sad, and/or lonely.

Unless you forgive that part of you still holding onto your father, there is a high possibility that you won’t attract true love. And if you do, you will be so busy searching for your father in every man you meet.

In this article, I have included a video recording of me administering a brief EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique exercise that will help you get an edge off those emotions. If you can do the exercise for a couple of days, I guarantee that you will witness positive changes in your life.

link to video is

Happy Tappy>

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You Are Not Your Emotions!

Last week’s blog was about how we all at times, jail up ourselves and stay in relationships with people who are more than energy vampires. In there, you feel so emotionally weak and mentally drained, yet have no courage to walk away. He/she is like your personal-blend of an addictive drug that you need to survive-yet slowly but surely destroy yourself in the process.
Consciously, you are well-aware that you should run for your life; however, something within you keeps you holding on. You can’t explain it. It hurts, yet emotionally stings even more, whenever you attempt to stay away from them. Do you feel me???

As an Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner, I have included a brief video at the end of this article, with a free EFT session for anyone who feels like they are in a relationship-jail. The session will address general root-causes of any emotions that could be promoting one’s self-jailing attitude.

EFT is a psychologically-charged technique discovered over five thousand years ago by the Acupuncturists. Just like them, less of needles, EFT works by one tapping on the same meridian points and self-talking, while acknowledging whatever emotions are engrossed in the body’s energetic system-which then magically gets rid of them. EFT has been known to produce instant results regardless of whether one believes in the process or not.

In the attached video, please tap along with me, as you repeat the statements that I say.
Try it out with enthusiasm. This may be the ticket to your emotional freedom.

Happy tappy.

Is it Just Sex??


The love of Sex, although disguised and manipulated like nothing else in the world, with the exception of Money, is one of the most famous subjects in the world. That said, it is also still the most misinterpreted.

Accordingly, when two people meet, the first thing that pops in both their minds is normally sex-related. A guy looks at the lady and undresses her a thousand times-wondering what is underneath her garments. Before they have sex, he watches her every feature as if it is were something to eat. At the back of his mind, he’s wondering what he would do with it, and how it would feel. In brief, he has sex with her before he practically does.

The woman on the other hand, is wondering about the size of his “willie? “

Can he use it the way I want?” Can he kiss?” “I wonder how many women he has slept with.” She silently questions. 

Both parties silently evaluate each other sexually and hope that the other will do a good job.  This is not to say that they do not contemplate on other pre-set attributes that they expect in a partner; however the issue of sex tends to sound lounder than anything else.

When they finally sleep with each other, they, for the first time in most cases conclude that the act was weird. The most probable reason is that they didn’t take enough time to embrace, understand and appreciate each other at deeper levels.

We all forget that we are more than just our sex organs. We should stop taking our “private parts” so seriously. We are spiritual, emotional beings as well. For others to enjoy us, they need to know, or at the very least attempt to understand the totality of who we really are.

If you are in a relationship based on just sex, then you need to step back and evaluate the entirety of your partner-else your relationships is set for the rocks.

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Has he/she broken your heart??

The last time I went through a heart break was literally lethal. Everyone who has loved and lost will tell you that this experience is not roses and chocolate. The magnitude of the emotional torture that I experienced when my heart was broken, made me swear never to ever get close to a man, then.  I hated love, God and myself; must I mention men?


When he finally admitted that he had been seeing someone else for weeks, yet denied it so many times, I felt as if my intestines will slowly but surely eating themselves away. “The part of me that wants to be with her is bigger than the one that draws me to you,” are the words he said to me. They were more confusing than Greek I tell you. They swam through my memory bank over and over again, certainly worse than the worst broken record, sang by the nastiest amateur singer you can ever imagine. Don’t even think about those you have heard on “America has got talent”, those are award winning records compared to what I was hearing.

My skin started itching, and I started feeling pain in places I often ignored; like under my chin. My saliva dried up. I felt as though my tongue was on fire. I was thirsty, but resistant to putting anything near my mouth. I certainly hated everything in my environment that I once so adored. Everything turned ugly and glue.  I felt extreme temperatures of cold and hot flashes simultaneously crawling from my head to toe. My clothes felt uncomfortable and sticky.


This all happened during a night when it was humid and hot. But there are moments I felt as if there was snow falling out of my window. The world’s walls suddenly started closing in. Memories of all the good things about him started exploding into my conscious, uninvited, just like thieves in the night. It was like my mind had switched off from the wrong and negative he had done to me, and focused on the good stuff about him. I suddenly missed him more than anything I have ever desired. I longed for his scent, touch, voice, but of course, none of that was available. I wanted to run to a place where I could escape from all the voices screaming in my head, but didn’t know where to go. I attempted to rock myself to sleep, hoping to wake up only when the pain was gone, but sleep seemed to repel me. I took a sleeping pill, and slept for a few hours; only to wake up abruptly and find immerse emotional pain seriously waiting in my heart. A pain that felt more physical than a tooth ache, if you know what I mean. The stupid pills had refused to work their usual magic.

I started to call him; but then realized that it was useless and stupid. Firstly, I had called him so many times earlier that day and he had ignored all my calls. Secondly, I had left him both text and voice messages telling him how much I loved him, but he had responded to none. I didn’t know what else to do. I got on my knees to pray, but just cried uncontrollably with no word coming out of my mouth. I switched my cell-phone on and off tones of times hoping to find a “I am sorry, I love you so much babe” text and/or voice message, however when I switched it back on, nothing had come through. After several attempts, I threw the phone against the wall. Only to realize that I had just smashed and destroyed the only connection left in my world, to reach him…. More to come…


Examine your emotional relationship with money:

To begin with, I want to remind you that money is the most powerful medium of exchange in our times. Moreover, it is also an influential aspect of life. Although countries around the world managed to establish their own currencies, it still comes down to the same thing. If you have money, you have a beginning. This is not to say that money is all that humanity needs to survive and be happy, but rather to emphasize its significance in our world.


In the past two weeks, I carried out a mini-research project with an objective to establish what people really think about money; what type of relationships they have with it; and most especially, what they say about it.

In the research, the first question I asked was, “What do you think about money?” 95% of all respondents indicated that money is not everything and that they would rather be happy than have it. Although this notion holds some logical sense, it also denotes narrow-mindedness. How ironic that these same respondents contradicted themselves in the answers they gave for the next question; “What would you do to get a million dollars?” Most of them responded, “I will do anything.”

One thing I have witnessed is that people are publically ashamed of expressing their true feelings about money. Even those who try, do so sarcastically. I have heard people comment, “I love money, BUT it is not everything.” For some, even just talking about it makes them uncomfortable.

Society has managed to confuse us into thinking that money is a bad thing and that loving it openly is a sign of greed. Also, considering the amount of crime and bad PR associated with it, the majority have been misguided about the freedom to love, and appreciate money.

I can assure you about one fact; money is a good thing and there is absolutely nothing wrong with loving it. It is part of us, lives in our midst, and available for us to tap into by doing the right things to bring it our way. Once we negate it in one way or another, we are certainly blocking the flow.

It is indeed insanity to be in love with money, but then tell the world that it is not that important. With such an attitude, you are confusing the universal creative mind that reacts to our convictions and profound thoughts by telling it YES, then NO. Within your mind, you pray and desire to have as much money as you can, while outwardly, you keep telling the world that it is not that important. Now that is sheer confusion. The point is that, as long as you love money, do not be ashamed about it. Say it as it is, just the way you feel about it. Treat money as a friend, and not a competitor.

Another way to attract it is not to treat it as a guest when you get it. Remember that money in circulation is in a great energetic flow of supply and demand. When it is tucked away in a safe tin under your bed, it is useless. Spend it, not irresponsibly, but wisely.

Money is never lost, per se. It has never fallen off planet Earth into the void. Recessions only create situations whereby it is removed from the majority’s hands and put into those of the wealthy minority. However, it is still here on our Earth.

So what type of relationship do you have with money? Examine what you say about it, the way you hold it, spend it and/or save it. What mood do you find yourself in, whenever you get money? If any of your answers diverted from “with love,” then you have to examine your thought processes. You have to erase all the negative lies you have ever had about money from your mind. Then, you have to treat money with love. Even when you are paying a bill, thank it for coming your way, since it has enabled you to pay that bill.

You may want to go through this meditation every morning, either as you have a shower or drive to work.

          I am a magnet to money

          I have all the money I need

          I love money and money loves me


Say these few words out loud repetitively every morning for a couple of days and you will be surprised about how everything will begin synchronizing itself to meet your financial needs. The most important ingredient in this formula is faith. Develop faith that you are attracting abundance. Remember repetition is the key. I am not saying that when you do this money will fall from the heavens just like manna. The point is that once you have a positive attitude toward it, you will get mind-leads and strategies about how to get it.

Most importantly, in the spiritual realm of things, likes attract likes. It has been told over and over again by the wise ones from all walks of life that we attract what we are. Therefore, learn how to receive it and also give money.