10 Questions to Amplify Your Life Purpose

princess dianaWhen I was a kid, I wanted to be like the late Princess Diana. I really admired her. I first learned about her when I saw a picture of her in Cambodia where she was comforting kids who had been hit and crippled by landmines. I admired the fact that she was a princess who wasn’t afraid of serving others or getting her hands dirty. As I matured, I continued researching about her and later learned that she worked with different charities to serve the less advantaged and/or those who were affected by HIV/Aids and consequently, my admiration for her increased. Based on this, I decided that I wanted to work for the United Nations, in a war zone to serve those who were less advantaged. After college, I started searching for ways to join the UN. And in 2000, I finally got my first assignment working with the United Nations Mission in Kosovo.

Why am I telling you this?

The point of the story is that I created this vision in my mind before I could practically experience it in my physical reality. It was like I made a wish which was finally granted. Although it took many years before I realized this dream, the fact is that I dreamed about it first. I knew what I wanted. At one point when I was getting frustrated that I may never realize my dream, my grandmother told me to keep visualizing and to keep the faith that my dream was possible to achieve.

life purpose

It is often indicated that, “As within, so without,” meaning that whatever we create in our minds with clarity, firm intention and faith, will be manifested in our physical realities. Note that the only place where everything is possible is in your mind.

Whatever we create in our minds with clarity, firm intention and faith, will be manifested in our physical realities.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to get you to think about what you want, who else you can be, and the abundant possibilities available for you to explore.

Take time to think through these questions and then write down your answers. Feel free to rewrite the answers until you feel comfortable with them. Remember to imagine that there are no limits and that your desires can be realized.

If your dreams make sense to a lot of people, dream bigger until everyone calls you a dreamer.

  1. How much money do you want to possess? (Please indicate any amount of money you want. Do not limit yourself.)
  2. If you were super-wealthy, what would you do on a normal Monday morning?
  3. What is your dream career/job/work?
  4. If your success was granted what product, service or idea would you offer to the world?
  5. If you were to have your own television show what would you talk about and who would be your audience?
  6. Which celebrity or famous person’s career and lifestyle do you admire and why?
  7. If you were offered a new home of your choice, what would it look like? Where would it be located?
  8. If you were to be in perfect health—mind, body and spirit, how would that feel?
  9. If God/Creator or whoever you believe in, were to physically appear in your bedroom on a Sunday morning, what would you ask for?
  10. If you were granted any number of years to be alive, how many years would they be and what would you do with your life?

These questions will get you thinking beyond appearances. If you take time to search for answers that sit well with you, you will discover that you can dream as big as you want with a possibility of realizing these dreams.

Remember, if your dreams make sense to a lot of people, dream bigger until everyone calls you a dreamer.


“No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.”~ Lupita Nyong’o.



6 Steps to Manifest Your Desires – Law of Attraction Simplified.

ManifestationA few years ago, I was extremely thrilled when I learned about the law of attraction. I asked myself, “Is it this simple to attract what I want?” I had just watched a movie called “The Secret” and I couldn’t wait to take every action as it was presented such that I could manifest all that I ever wanted. Boy was I wrong!! My life experiences have revealed to me that by just thinking about what you want and/or visualizing it alone won’t bring it knocking at your door. I have learned over the years that there is more to manifestation than what is preached.


Apparently, many personal development experts and performance coaches insist that hard work and dedication are all it takes to manifest what you want. However, I attest that one needs more than just working hard. Considering that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience we are spiritual beings having a human experience, we have to connect to who we truly are and from that point, become one with what we want from within before we can manifest and experience our desires in our physical reality.

In this video, I share 6 steps of how to do just that.

Please share your views, go through the process and let me know how it went.

Sending you Infinite Love and divine anointing.   


From Visualization to Manifestation


A lot has been written about visualization, affirmations, positive thinking, etc. And I understand that when one has done any of these things and failed to manifest their desires, they stop believing. However, I’m also here to verify that visualization does work.

 Firstly, you may wonna think through some of the things that promote negative experiences. With a closer examination, you will discover that it is through repetitive negative VISUALIZATION (e.g. television, internet, negative AFFIRMATIONS through self-talk or discussions, and/or negative THINKING, that our negative experiences are created.  My argument is hinged around the fact that we are able to create negative experiences using the same portals, yet fail to create positive ones.

 My reasoning and experience behind the preceding reality is that we are more determined and focused on employing these portals to create negative experiences than when we opt to create positive and desirable ones.

Whatever your story is, I just want to console and remind you that if you can use your mind to create the negative, you can use it to create the positive. The mind doesn’t know the difference. Whatever you focus on is what it creates in your reality. The next time you are sad or worried, remember the intensity you employed to manifest your feelings and then employ the same mind-state to religiously visualize, get into feelings’ mood, and think about your desires with profound determination—just like you do for the negative. 

 The four visualization steps that I have employed to manifest my desires are as follows:

1. Get clear about what you want.

2. Establish how you will feel when you achieve your desires.

3. Create related pictures in your mind; who is involved? Where will you be? What will you do when you achieve your goals?

4. Close your eyes twice daily and get your mind to experience your desire. At first, it might feel like you are making things up. But don’t worry; just do it anyway. And before you know it, you will be a pro at it. Go through the exercise for at least 30 days.

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Love and light