As justified by spiritual law, whatever we resist persists. It is hence worth noting that resisting in itself is energy; since it involves emotions, intentions and attitudes. Furthermore, metaphysically all sorts of feelings are energetic. By resisting something, we are investing energy in whatever is being resisted; and then guess what? The resistance feeds on the underlying feeling, and then continues to elevate the resisted condition. Energy feeds on energy; once it is fed with attention and intention, it is grows and expands.

In the usual way of living, this implies that once one worries about things, he/she just amplifies them. Moreover, worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair. Although one seems to be doing something, he/she is basically not going anywhere.

The viable formula is stop resisting whatever we don’t want, and then rest assured that as long as we are still alive, solutions will come up somewhere, somehow. I envisage that this attitude could be hard to exercise especially if whatever you are going through is beyond your comprehension. Nonetheless, the point in emphasis is to remember that worrying won’t improve, or solve the situation. 

Therefore, “resting” in this sense means taking your mind off the challenge, focusing on the positives in your life, and then doing little things to elevate your spirit. Once you divert your attention to loving yourself, the challenge starts taking care of itself. Considering the fact that when denied the resistance-attention, the problem/challenge tends to dissolve given that it doesn’t have your energy to feed on anymore. And this doesn’t mean that you don’t take care of your challenges. It simply suggests that you invest in a positive attitude and/or feeling towards the problem, rather than dwelling on the negatives.

Learn how to surrender completely. Don’t tell me that it is too hard to do. Remember, as long as you have a mind, there is nothing you can’t do. Everything is about focus, determination and persistence. The intention to religiously focus on the preceding attitudes is what will produce results. Resistance is wastage of energy; which energy can be diverted to being grateful. Life in itself is a gift; a miracle that we should all be thankful for every day.

Begin the day by saying “thank you” for all the things you have in your life however insignificant they are.


Listening to others is exigent especially if one is being bombarded by his/her own issues. It takes discipline plus the aptitude for one to let go of his/her own thoughts, in order to grasp whatever is being said.

I plead guilty of partially listening to others occasionally. It is not until recently that I embarked on building the patience to listen without interrupting, either with my own thoughts and/or opinions.

In the world today where everything appears to be happening at once, no one seems to have the time to listen to anyone. Moreover conversations can be very entertaining if not positively informative. When we don’t listen to others, we do not only miss out on the beauty of the moment, but also divulge an ambiance of contempt for others.

There are friends I have spoken to on a number of occasions, only to learn that I was basically talking to myself. This was normally revealed when I asked a question; and the “listener” said something that wasn’t related to what I was saying.

You could also tell that someone is not listening if he/she continues shaking his/her head in agreement even when you ask a question. He/she could smile throughout your conversation regardless of what you are saying. However, when you are done with your speech, he/she might ask a question to which you have already provided an answer. Others change the subject immediately and/or start talking about something different. Ironically, they then demand for your undivided attention.

Listening is a great attribute that we should all embrace in our mannerisms. A good listener is normally empathetic, patient, non-judgmental and attentive throughout the conversation. He/she asks relevant questions, engages with the speaker by looking straight in his/her eyes, and avoids interruptions except if asked to comment. An excellent listener also goes beyond the norm by summarizing the significant points, and then repeating them to speaker at the end of the conversation.

Although at times you may feel reluctant to listen to what someone has to say, it is wiser to avoid the situation rather than wasting your time pretending to listen, yet exposing yourself to harassment.