I know Who Your Ideal Customer is.

Find your ideal customer is easier than you thought. Find out how.

Communicating Your way to SUCCESS

The theme, “my product sells itself” is slowly finding its way out of the market place. Gone are the days when all a business owner had to do was produce or design his or her product, service or idea and people come streaming in, in demand for his products/services or ideas.


Today, business owners have to find who their ideal customer is, where they are located, and then devise ways of connecting with them.

The most common question that most business owners have is, “who is my ideal customer?”


In this article I share the first step towards finding and connecting to your ideal customer.

Step1. Analyze the type of customers who seek for your business even without you attempting to invite them. For example, as a success coach, I finally discovered that my ideal customer is a single woman, divorced or going through one, business owner (start…

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