Seeking External Validation? Don’t Hold Your Breath!

“Your accent is too strong for you to become a successful public speaker.” Said one of the ladies in my Toastmaster’s club.

This lady was my career idol. She was a successful public speaker, and I wanted to learn from her. But she turned me down, and advised me to seek an accent coach to help me reduce the strength of my accent.

During my search for an accent coach, I was lucky to find one who told me that I didn’t need an accent coach. I just needed to believe in myself a bit more.

No one will ever believe in you as much as you can believe in yourself. And if you are waiting for someone to validate you and make you feel good about yourself, do not hold your breath” He said.

That did it for me. It was my wakeup call to take my power back from the need for the external validation. And this marked the beginning of my successful public speaking career.

Why am I Telling You This?

If you have something you have always wanted to do, or a project you have always wanted to embark on, don’t wait for someone else to believe in your dream in order for you to start. It is only your beliefs that create your reality, and not other people’s beliefs. Start today. Take one step at a time. Don’t let the naysayers derail you from your heart’s desire. Become deaf to anyone who tells you, you can’t achieve your goals. Go all in. Don’t hold back. If people keep saying, “no” to your ideas, say, “yes” to yourself. Don’t give up. Don’t let unfavorable circumstances become your final reality. And most importantly, don’t let your thoughts weaken your intentions. Regardless of what your ego-mind tries to convince you about possible shortcomings or failures, keep a deaf ear to its delusions. Give all your attention to what you want to achieve. And even when you don’t achieve your goals, know that there are no failures in life, only lessons.

Remember, you have the force of life in you to support you in accomplishing your goals. With life, miracles are possible.

Love and light – Your center of spiritual counseling and transformational coaching services.


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