Quote of the Week: “The savior of fear is faith.”

Solutions are the saviors of the problems they solve.” ~ Dr. Jacinta Murray

With that out of the way, let’s talk about money. If anyone tells you that they don’t want money or that money is a horrible thing, bla bla bla, they are as broke as hell. Oh, let me rephrase: they are in hell.

When you are broke, life can feel stagnant. And even if you pretend that everything is okay, you might succeed especially if the bills haven’t mounted on your desk or the eviction notice isn’t firmly stuck on your front door. And matters seem worse when you are afraid of your financial constipation. You start envisioning things that neither exist nor make sense. You become afraid of the most trivial things.

I remember a few years ago when the check engine light appeared on my car’s dash board. I was as broke as hell, actually in a hell of negative emotions and beliefs. I parked the car on the side of the freeway, and wailed as I trembled with the fear of what could be wrong with the car. “My life is over.” I moaned. And what a way to be! How could my life be over because the check engine light had appeared on my dashboard? See, the ego mind had taken over my situation and created more havoc in my mind. And I gave it permission. I fully embraced the lie. Long story short, my car was fixed for free. Apparently, the problem was not life threatening. lol…now I can laugh. Then, I couldn’t.

The fear around money sucks more than not having money. Because it takes over all your senses, and before you know it, your loved ones are on the phone pleading with the guy in a white coat to take you away: aka a doctor–in this case a psychiatrist.

EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, has been used by millions of people to heal their lives from emotional, mental and physical problems. By just tapping on the meridian points on your body once a day, you can heal your life.

In my newest book, Stimulate Your Money Magnetism: Advanced EFT, and Ho’oponopono Scripts to Dissolve all Your Subconscious and Conscious Money-related Fears and Stimulate Your Money Magnetism Now, you will use the simple scripts to tap and release all money related fear from your psyche and energy field. When you are free of fear, you become energized and clearer about your plans and actions.

Get the book today.

Love and light



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