Do you Earn From Your Worry?

Worry is described as the inability to feel good. It is the emotional investment in being troubled about whatever you might be going through. The” inability to feel good, and investment in feeling troubled”, are very far from earning an extra dollar.

Worrying has been compared to sitting in a rocking chair. You are doing something, but it’s taking you nowhere. You know, worrying is equivalent to alcoholism. It is a serious addiction. The mind gets so accustomed to worrying-whereby letting it go, takes more than wish-full thinking. You will have to go within with a bull-dozer mentality and enthusiastically weed out the root cause of your worries.

I went through a lot of worrying-sprees until about a year ago. And I’m here to tell you that, other than “achieving” several bad headaches, a tired looking skin and sleepless nights, I didn’t earn an extra penny.

This immerse worry was a reflection of my emotional baggage-which I had to get rid of in order to enjoy my life.

So-my questions for you today are; what are you worried about? What are the root-causes of your worry?

Do you think there is anything else you can do to replace worrying? How about a nice distraction like taking a walk in the park, or going for a swim in the ocean-if you can swim? How about watching a comedy show or taking a long bath?

In my program The 14 Days Love Liberation Boot Camp, I employed the magical tools of Ho’oponopono, The Emotional Freedom Technique, Theta, guided imaginary and the Source Healing methods to design a revolutionary healing program that can help anyone liberate themselves from their emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual vampires. Among other things:-

– You will get to deal with the root causes of your worry-related problems.
– You will heal all your chakras and energetic fields from the cellular level.
– The program will help you cleanse your soul and spirit, heal your daddy issues, childhood memories, emotional abuse, and also guide you in forgiving all those you have to.
– And, if you are searching for love for the self or from others, you will go through the intensive super love manifestation meditation-which if practice religiously will transform you into a love magnet.
– You will also learn how to reconnect to the kingdom of God that dwells within you.

To order this revolutionary healing program, please visit
This program is not $1000 or $500 or $100. For a limited time only, you can get this life changing system for as low as $49.99.

This video is a recording of me, administering a ho’oponopono and Source healing meditation that will help you knock out any worries that might be bombarding your life.

Love and light.

2 thoughts on “Do you Earn From Your Worry?

  1. Hey that is very cool. I recently blogged about worry and about ho’oponopono. It was in a slightly different context but I agree that “worry” is basically an expenditure of energy that gets you nowhere. Not only that it can be paralyzing. It is important to realize this because in our culture worry is frequently explicitly or implicitly treated as a duty one must perform: If you don’t worry, for example, you are not a good parent. Once you realize that worry is not an action but an obstacle to proactive positive action you start to look at it differently.

    • Hey Natalie
      Thanks for checking out my blog. “Worry is not an action, but an obstacle.” Now-that’s powerful. I tell you-worry just exposes your cells to detoriation. This has been proved biologically. It is a negative feeling that sends negative impulses in one’s nervous system.

      I’m also a Ho’oponopono Practitioner; and this modality literally saved my life.

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